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WTF Fest brings John Sinclair and live arts collaboration to Oregon – it is not the What The Festival

WTF Fest brings John Sinclair and live arts collaboration to Oregon – it is not the What The Festival

April 23, 2012

John Sinclair

First of all WTF FEST is not What The Festival, which we wrote about on April 13. WTF FEST describes itself as “A Live Arts Collaboration with Poet John Sinclair and Friends.” There are two shows, one tonight, Monday, April 23 at the Star Theater, TicketsWest, $10, show 9pm, doors 8pm. On Friday, April 27 there will be two shows, one at the Clatsop Community College Performing Arts Center, 588 16th. Street, all ages,6 pm and then at KALA@Hipfish 1017 Marine Drive, 18 & OVER, 10 pm.

The Portland performers include: John Sinclair, Dave Archer, Rick Shapiro,Dave Densmore w/ special guest Alexa Wiley, Ugly Shyla,Ruby LaRocca & Monica Puller.Esmerelda Strange ,Shane and Amy Bugbee, Dingo Dismal and Olive Rootbeer, Bottleneck Blues Band, Tokyo Death Stare, Lonnie Wages & Friends, William Ham and Johnny No Bueno. Just added: Reggie Houston.

In Astoria, appearing will be: John Sinclair, Dave Archer, Dave Densmore, Ugly Shyla, Ruby LaRocca & Monica Puller,Esmerelda Strange, Shane and Amy Bugbee, Lonnie Wages & Friends ana William Ham

Let’s let them tell you more:
In the 1960s, John Sinclair was on the forefront of the youth movement, a publisher of books and newspapers in the Detroit underground, he was a founding member of the “White Panther Party” and served as spiritual advisor to the rock group the MC5!
In 1971, John Lennon helped organize a large music festival to demand Sinclair’s release from prison on trumped-up charges involving two joints. John Sinclair’s imprisonment became the subject of songs in Lennon’s ‘Ten For Two’ and from folk hero Phil Ochs, who also wrote and performed a song about Sinclair’s conviction. John Sinclair wrote two books while serving two years of a ten year sentence.

Dave Densmore and his Tesla coil

John Sinclair continues to be an active participant in shaping the culture. He has reported on it and cultivated it for some 40 years, in music, poetry and as a prolific author. He remains active in free speech matters, the arts, and social justice issues.
Dave Densmore is a nationally acclaimed poet, environmental speaker, and one of the best story tellers alive today! Spinning yarns from his childhood in the wilds of Alaska, to his 50 years as a commercial fisherman! He is a tough guy with a heart of gold, the last generation of real-life strong men!

Dave Archer is the famed painter with a million volts! He uses a Tesla Coil to paint realistic looking space scenes – you have seen them on the walls of The Enterprise on the ‘Star Trek: The Next Generation’.

Well known artist and first time in the Pacific Northwest, Ugly Shyla comes from the depths of Cajun Country, she is a mystical, dark performance artist, alt model, bizarre doll maker, she makes jewelry talismans, and other one of a kind works of art and magic.

Shane and Amy Bugbee a creative couple who spent the last election year filming Americans from all walks of life about their dreams, goals, and fears when the election circus last rolled across America. Now, many of their short films appear prophetic and underscore the deeper issues that have had no resolve in the length of four years. Enjoy a number of short films – Much of it never before seen footage.

Also appearances by comedian Rick Shapiro and William Ham, one woman band Esmerelda Strange, Actress Ruby LaRocca, guest speakers from the front lines of Mountain Top Removal, Art inspired by Aleister Crowley, local performers include Seattle Black Panther Aaron Dixon, Portland’s Bottleneck Blues Band, Eugene’sExplode-A-Tron, The Monktail Creative Music Concern of Seattle, and more.

WTF FEST crosses all lines of musical genres, opinions, and artistic medium. Every show will be completely different, with local performers, videos, and special guests changing in every town. This offers poets the opportunity to “jam” with punk, metal, blues, jazz and lounge performers over 5 dates, with each performance being recorded and streamed live online. WTF FEST is being funded via Kickstarter rather than the traditional route, to allow for more creative freedom – The more supporters back the show the better each show can be!
WTF FEST is trying to get funded via Kickstarter.


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