Thursday, December 17, 2009


(edited from a draft made October 8th 2008.)



For immidiate worldwide free copy and distribution.

"This lesson is the very basis of solid banking. Credit rests in ultimate on the abundance of nature, on the growing grass that can nourish the living sheep--Ezra Pound.

My HA$H GREEN bail-out uses real bails of Hemp. And uses real green pot
The HA$H GREEN Bail is generally Cannabis! Yes. My HA$H Marijuana plan for 2010:
To balance the books. An Emergency HA$H/Cannabis

Bail out Plan.t.

To manufacture a new housing security market. Hypervalued HA$H/Cannabis
mortgages are backed up by plants. Beautiful plants. Secure. Safe. Sure to flower.
Invest cash in HA$H by the Pound and we'll be sound. My Green bail-out for the
Housing market involves simply growing 20 plants per U.S household so that soon
A new Cannabis market will fire up the fastest global economic bail out program. Check it.

“As long as the sun keeps shining or your hydro’ lights stay on, you can sleep sound, with the security of cannabis investments.” --HA$H MORTGAGE SECURE TEAS

“Trust your crop, not your government banking cop, dopey!”--HA$H MORTGAGE SECURE TEAS

Imagine, not only will the new green market bolster and help to rebuild the currently crippled global economy with a grass-roots plan, that will entail fun and games, designed for rapid growth and HA$H cash injections, but, the medicinal and social benefits of a nation, or nations with un-punished access to high quality Cannabis maybe critical in times of global depression recession and mad wars of greed, power, zoning laws and monopoly.

Along with the Netherlands; Iceland, Ireland, Malaysia, Britain, Germany, America, Australia, Japan, Scotland, China, India, Kenya and Canada would all have their experimental 12 month trial period, in this Hash bail out proposal - adopting Cannabis decriminalization; and starting on April 20th 2009.

Licensed smoking houses, information centers and trading markets "free and shared economis, open and community organized" combined with the freedom for each individual to grow at least 23 plants and have up to 420 Kilos of ready to smoke Cannabis in their possession. This will create a buzzing community of calm and creative high people, if they choose to smoke, open and free choice, remember, is the core of the hash weed world bail out vision.

"We'll tolerate their hobbies if they'll tolerate ours" --Guns and Dope party slogan.

"Hi yield guarantea.”--HA$H MORTGAGE SECURE TEAS

The HA$H bail-out horticulture plan nurtures the careful, loving preparation rituals, the care and individual responsibility required to grow Cannabis for Secure mortgages of the highest quality, to help re-grow and to re-invigorate the world property market, unleashing the potential for the more meaningful GREEN energy revolution, GREEN medicine, GREEN fiber, GREEN fuel, GREEN paper, GREEN currency.

Think about it again. Hash weed world wide bail out. Say it! Why not? Corn was once a kind of plant-currency. The Funky green Cannabis (corn) might, joking aside now, help the world economy get itself out of its current slump where investments in Bombs, Germs, Steel, oil, killingry.

The Iraq war has cost roughly $700 Billion so far in America alone. Britain just spent 33 Billion on a new Trident Nuclear Missile program. This is investment. RED for the blood of KILLINGRY. The business of death and decay. From Nukes right down to computer chips that guide them, Killingry is not an option for any harmonious future between humanity and planet earth.

I'm for Livingry, for cooperation and for good sound thinking, these are the order for these tricky days ahead and the task of solving some of the dire problums we are wrapped up in.

"Do the H$H BOP and trim your profit from the tip-top"

My green HA$H bail-out proposal: let all the Cannabis crime related prisoners walk free today, now, I order you. And invest the surplus CA$H from housing these non-violent victims of the fascist rule of prohibition and then maybe begin our new gra$$ roots sparkt-up ideas, sharing culture that specialize in hemp and Cannabis related LIVINGRY, soap, bread, cakes, clothing, footwear, building materials, fuel, fuel, cookies, rope, building bricks, medicine, tinctures, sprays, etc. Good food, clothing, fuel and shelter stuff. Opposed to Nukes, Fossil fuels and Virtual digital credit.

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- Continuing the recent trend, marijuana arrests set another all-time record in 2007, totaling 872,720. --

The H$H BOP would also be turning around the horrible and inhumane punishment against mostly harmless citizens who enjoy the relaxing effects of Cannabis. Those who are incarcerated for dealing bigger quantities will be unable to re-offend due to the legalization of the Cannabis drug they may, or may not have been illegally dealing. Individuals can be trained and primed for good work, employment in th GREEN Spark up company utilizing their networking skills and love of people and culture.

If Cannabis criminals became Cannabix criminals overnight - when the first insane prohibition LAWS were put-on the public, then, inversely - Cannabis Criminals can become Cannabis citizens overnight just as quickly, just like that.

--Some figures, quotes and references to help flesh out the landscape of HA$H MORTGAGE SECURE TEAS.

--Steven "fly" Pratt
. 17th October 2009.

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