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Welcome to Detroit Life Radio

December 4th, 2009 by johnsinclair

Welcome to our first round of original programming for the D at Detroit Life Radio, a service of Our first two programmers are

• Mike Boulan, who’s producing a series of blues shows called THE NO COVER RADIO HOUR from his Straight Ahead Studio in Oak Park, and

• John Sinclair, who is making programs from his internet radio station at available to our listeners at the rate of one 60-minute show per day.

The John Sinclair Radio Show just celebrated its 5th anniversary at the 22nd Annual Cannabis Cup in Amsterdam by producing a series of 11 broadcasts from community venues like Eat at Jo’s in the Melkweg, the Cannabis College, 420 Café, Fly Agaric Studio, Café The Zen, the Hempshopper, and The Dolphins coffeeshop.

The first 25 Joint Productions by Radio Free Amsterdam and Detroit Life Radio were selected from the archives of the John Sinclair Radio Show and other shows from Radio Free Amsterdam like Blue Dolphins, Jazz Classics and the New Orleans Music Show, all produced and hosted on location by John Sinclair.

Today’s program features the late, great Detroit deejay known as The Frantic One—Ernie Durham—in a recording made in November 1958 from Ernie D’s show on WBBC in Flint and heard here through the courtesy of Jim Shaw.

Tomorrow we’ll begin the Cannabis Cup series with a program from Café The Zen first broadcast by Radio Free Amsterdam on Saturday, November 21. Light up and enjoy!

—Amsterdam > Detroit

December 4, 2009

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