Saturday, February 6, 2010


John recently handed me a copy of "Work#6: A 2009 Detroit Artists Workshop Anthology of Generations edited by James Semark, Robin Eichele".

I was moved into another dimension of impression's about detroit, and the 60's as I viewed them (typically with a west-coast bias) and I felt the continuity across the timespan of fifty years or more, since this legendary group of visionary artists--scholar activists--published, performed, protested and transformed the membrane's of American culture.

I dug up some published materials that add context to the DAW' and also help to show some of John's creative pursuits during that period. love, steve.

Motor City Rock and Roll:: The 1960s and 1970s By Bob Harris, John Douglas Peters

Work and Whe're: 1965-1966 edited by John Sinclair, Ron Caplan

The 60s communes: hippies and beyond By Timothy Miller

Abandon automobile : Detroit city poetry 2001 By Melba Joyce Boyd, M. L. Liebler

Citizen Moore: the life and times of an American iconoclast By Roger Rapoport

It was all right: Mitch Ryder's life in music By James A. Mitchell

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