Thursday, February 18, 2010

The John Sinclair Galaxy: the shared radio experience.

"On the air, your everywhere" Lowell Thomas

The medium of radio has helped to connect humanity and help communicate cultural information, music in particular travels well on the air. Together with intelligent programming radio can offer an alternative to T.V, that bootstras the power of internet to build upon its special place in humanities 'ear worlds'.

On the other claw, radio is also an example of government coercion, double standards and brainwashing, throughout the 20th century and into the 21st. Each positive expression and piece of original music played can be countered by dogma, and non-human radio programming, based on the corporate sponsor and/or some non-music, and non-art based political agenda (advertease' campaign in the arse etc,.)

JOHN SINCLAIR, radiofreeamsterdam and Detroitlife313radio stand as examples of cultural oriented radio and radio programming and broadcasting that attain a rare balance, these days I feel; of music, local news, interviews, comedy, activism, and a shared love of humanity and language. Thanks for the most part to John's sharing and tireless promotion of the arts.

T.V, Radio, book's and now Internet' have changed every part of humanity, nevertheless communications technology have been co-opted by what I view as a kind of 'evil' and kind of 'bad' gang of sales-people. This media hijacking has been at the expense of a shared meaningful cultural hierarchy of values, community radio values, if you like, upon which to base our judgements and ability to distinguish the differences. Local and global internet (the global village) and radio, provide a perfect platform for new local programmers to rebuild their community, and organize through new media.

Thankfully, we have John Sinlair, and the constellation of artists and musicians and writers and film makers in his orbits, who have continued on their path in a consistent manner for over half a century, and are living proof that people can independently organize and communicate freely, and share their distinguished perceptions.

So here I'll source some links to the history of RADIO. And provide my ind-pen-dent study course works, enjoy love, steve fly.

The Gutenberg galaxy: the making of typographic man
By Marshall McLuhan.

Battleground: the media, Volume 2.
edited by Robin Andersen, Jonathan Alan Gray.

Digital McLuhan: a guide to the information millennium
By Paul Levinson.

Seizing the airwaves: a free radio handbook.
By Ron Sakolsky, Stephen Dunifer.

Pirate radio stations: tuning in to underground broadcasts in the air and online.
By Andrew Yoder.

The guide to United States popular culture
By Pat Browne.

Marshall McLuhan: cosmic media
By Janine Marchessault.

A study of the professional criticism of broadcasting in the United States.
By Ralph Lewis Smith.

Community Radio Toolkit.
By Ally Fogg, Phil Korbel and Cathy Brooks.


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