Friday, April 16, 2010


A word for Gary Grimshaw.

Art and social change
music ILLUSTRATION, poetry and the Illustration.
Past Modern through Picasso trane flyers
Computer, computer, computer,
Mind, Pen, Hand.

This is what a revolution looks like,
A gang that never sleep, poets, artists, and sound writers,
With warrior way of the Trumpet and of the tongue,
Of the brush and pencil.

For Gary Grimshaw the community artist,
Who captured the contour and message of
Trans Love Energies and the UP-SURGE of the
Detroit creative vortex.


Next Saturday night, April 17, we’re throwing a big party at the Bohemian National Home in honor and appreciation of the great Detroit artist Gary Grimshaw, creator since 1966 of magnificent posters and other art works centered on the music and culture of the Motor City.

Local musicians unite for Gary Grimshaw tribute and fundraiser.

The Howling Diablos, John Sinclair & his Blues Scholars, Howard Glazer & the EL34s and the Planet D Nonet will be among the performers taking part in a tribute and fundraiser for ailing Detroit artist Gary Grimshaw taking place at 8 p.m. Saturday, April 17, at the Bohemian National Home, 3009 Tillman St., Detroit. Sinclair, M.L. Liebler and James Semark will also read poetry in memory of their colleague Mick Vranich, who passed away earlier this month. Photographs by Leni Sinclair as well as Grimshaw’s famed concert posters will be on display, along with works by fellow poster artists Mark Arminski, Carl Ludgren and others. A $10 minimum donation is required for admission, with proceeds going to help Grimshaw with his medical expenses. Call 313-510-4493 or visit

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