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Monks Dream & (Further Resources)


[edit] Blue Note Records (1948-1952)

[edit] Prestige Records (1952-1954)

[edit] Riverside Records (1955-1961)

[edit] Columbia Records (1962-1968)

[edit] Independent labels

[edit] As sideman

With Coleman Hawkins

  • Bean and the Boys (Prestige 7824) 1944

With Miles Davis

With Sonny Rollins

With Gigi Gryce

With Clark Terry

[edit] Compilations

  • Monk's Greatest Hits (1968)
  • April in Paris (Monk album)|April in Paris (1981 2-LP set of the 18 April 1961 Paris recordings)
  • Monk's Classic Recordings (1983)
  • Blues Five Spot (1984, unissued recordings from 1958-61, with various saxophonists and Thad Jones, cornet)
  • Live at Monterey Jazz Festival '63 (sept. 21-2, 1963, MFSL, 2 vols. issued 1996-7 )
  • Something in Blue, Nice Work in London, Blue Sphere and The Man I Love (all 1971 recordings, collected in The London Collection 1988, three CDs)
  • Midnight at Minton's (c.1941, issued 1973 under Don Byas' name. Monk does not play on all tracks of this or the other two CDs of 1941 material)
  • After Hours (1973 album)|After Hours (c.1941, issued 1973 under Charlie Christian's name)
  • After Hours in Harlem (c.1941, issued 1973 under Hot Lips Page's name
  • The Complete Prestige Recordings of Thelonious Monk (2000, 3 CD, Prestige)
  • The Complete Blue Note Recordings of Thelonious Monk (1994, 4 CD, Blue Note)
  • The Complete Riverside Recordings of Thelonious Monk (1991, 15 CD, Riverside)
  • Monk Alone: The Complete Solo Studio Recordings of Thelonious Monk 1962-1968 (1998, 2 CD, Sony)
  • The London Collection (1988, 3 CD)
  • The Columbia Years: '62-'68 (2001, 3 CD, Sony)
  • The Complete Vogue Recordings/The Black Lion Sessions (1954-71) (3LP, Mosaic Records|Mosaic)

The Thelonious Monk reader
By Rob Van der Bliek

Monk's music: Thelonious Monk and jazz history in the making

By Gabriel Solis

Brilliant corners: a bio-discography of Thelonious Monk
By Chris Sheridan

High Priest

By Timothy Leary

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