Friday, July 2, 2010

“The Screamers" by John Sinclair. (Hypertext)

The Screamers" by John Sinclair. (Hypertext by Steve fly Agaric)

for kenny schooner

stagger down overgrown sidewalks
of memory. giving hand &
giggling. (Earth Angel, how I long

for you. where you been, all these
years. Johnny Ace, with a hole
in his head. where you gwine,

Ivory Joe? or those stupid white
imitations, the Crewcuts, jive Pat
Boone,stealin' their songs. Sh-

Boom. Two Hearts. Chuck Berry,
Jimmy Reed. "I walk 47 miles
of barb wire
. I use a cobra snake

for a neck tie. I got a bran/new house
by the road side, made from

rattle snake hide." Oh you really

really send me, baby, you
got to go for me or I'll
beat yo ass. who

do you love. (weird lullabies. "broken
hearts." long long &
lonely nights. for your

precious love, I wd have drank
gasoline, & all I wanted
was a little water. where I came from,

mysterious ofays of the imagi-
nation. why you aren't here
with me, old gang, beer

drinkers, bull
shitters. where
did you go?

march 16, 1965

after leroi jones

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