Sunday, August 1, 2010

John Sinclair Radio Show #333

John Sinclair Radio Show #333

John Sinclair Radio Show #333

The John Sinclair Foundation Presents
Stena Line Hollandia
July 11, 2010 @ 7:00-8:00 pm [20-1029]
English Channel.

Today I made the English Channel crossing on the Stena Line ferry from the Hoek van Holland to Harwich, England and on to London by train to begin five weeks on the road. Next Sunday I’ll fly from London to New Orleans and this episode 333 will be broadcast after I arrive there, so I made a program of music from the Crescent City by Kermit Ruffins, Professor Longhair, Lee Dorsey, Walter “Wolfman” Washington & the Roadmasters, Li’l Queenie & the Percolators, Huey “Piano” Smith & His Clowns, the Neville Brothers, the Wild Magnolias, John Sinclair & His Blues Scholars, and the 101 Runners Mardi Gras Indian funk band.

Playlist 333
[01] Opening Music: Kermit Ruffins: Big Easy
[02] John Sinclair Intro Comments
[03] Professor Longhair: Hey Now Baby
[04] Lee Dorsey: Can You Hear Me
[05] Walter “Wolfman” Washington: I’m Back
[06] Li’l Queenie & the Percolators: My Dawlin New Orleans
[07] Huey “Piano” Smith & His Clowns: High Blood Pressure
[08] Eddie Bo: Happy Tears
[09] John Sinclair Comments
[10] Neville Brothers: Wild Indians
[11] Wild Magnolias: Coochie Molly
[12] John Sinclair & His Blues Scholars: History 101
[13] John Sinclair Comments
[21] Closing Music: 101 Runners: Bury the Hatchet

Hosted by John Sinclair for Radio Free Amsterdam
Produced, recorded, edited & assembled by John Sinclair
Posted by Larry Hayden
Executive Producer: Larry Hayden
Special thanks to Bro. Maurits, Steve Fly & Janne Svenssen
© 2010 John Sinclair. All Rights Reserved.

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