Monday, September 20, 2010


Paul Krassner, for me, remains one of the great Americans, the backbone and marrow of underground publishing in the USA, his optimistic witty insight and brilliance and brevity have advanced culture in a myriad of ways, helping us perceive the serious and comedic--human condition--simultaneously. The magazine he edited has recently been made THE REALIST ARCHIVE available ON LINE. Now you can sample the evidence of his huge contributions for yourself.

I recommend it highly, a beautiful layout and presentation, I hope you'll agree, and the content led the way for alternative ways of thinking for many.

When I met Paul ten years ago in Palm Springs, he kindly handed me a copy of the realist, in fact 'the final issue' so I'll just pass it on, love, steve.

The Realist, edited and published by Paul Krassner, was a pioneering magazine of "social-political-religious criticism and satire"[1] in the American countercultural press of the mid-20th century. Although The Realist is often regarded as a major milestone in the underground press, it was a nationally-distributed newsstand publication as early as 1959. Publication was discontinued in 2001.[2]The Realist was the first satirical magazine to publish conspiracy theories.[3]--

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