Thursday, April 21, 2011


The John Sinclair Foundation Presents

Trans-Love Energies Compassion Collective, Detroit

Thursday, April 14, 2011 @ 1:00-2:00 am [20-1108]

The John Sinclair Radio Show is finally back on the air at Radio Free Amsterdam

and Detroit Life Radio after a two-month hiatus triggered by the theft of my laptop
in Barcelona. Since then I’ve missed potential shows in Madrid, New Orleans,
Holly Springs, Little Rock, Fayetteville, Oxford and Chicago but now I’m in Detroit
at my new home in the Trans-Love Energies Compassion Collective at 1486
Gratiot with Holice P. Wood, playing music by Sam & the Soul Machine, Larry
McCray, John Sinclair & His Motor City Blues Scholars, Macpodz, Bootsy Collins,
John Sinclair & Scott Allman plus Honeyboy Edwards at the 1988 Chicago Blues
Festival, and Howard Glazer & the EL 34s from Howard’s new album Wired For
Sound. Welcome back, dear friends!


[01] Opening Music: Sam & the Soul Machine: Gun
[02] John Sinclair ID & Opening Comments with Holice P. Wood
[03] Larry McCray: Believe It
[04] John Sinclair & His Motor City Blues Scholars: monk's dream
[05] Macpodz: Chewy
[06] Bootsy Collins: Aaah... The Name Is Bootsy, Baby!
[07] John Sinclair Comments & Conversation with Holice P. Wood
[08] John Sinclair & Scott Allman: Intro & Chicago Bound
[09] John Sinclair & Scott Allman: Pea Vine Special
[10] John Sinclair & Scott Allman: Decoration Day
[11] Honeyboy Edwards : Intro >
[12] Honeyboy Edwards: Sweet Home Chicago
[13] John Sinclair Closing Comments with Holice P. Wood & Outro
[14] Closing Music: Howard Glazer & the EL 34s: Detroit Blues Party

Hosted by John Sinclair for Radio Free Amsterdam
Produced, recorded, edited & assembled by John Sinclair

Executive Producer: Larry Hayden
Special thanks to Sunny & Beyonce Sinclair, Hollywood, Robert Jr. Whitall &
Sugar Mae, Joeri Pfeiffer, Sidney Daniels, Larry Hayden & Steve Fly

© 2011 The John Sinclair Foundation


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