Wednesday, May 25, 2011

John Sinclair with Hollow Bones

John kindly gave me copy of Hollow Bones and I only just found the right moment to give it my full attention, a searing musical explosion and sonic assault on the senses, and then and delicate space-scape where John delivers the word, surrounded by chattering and buzzing, a living jungle of music, wrapped around each syllable and comming up through the floor beneath John's feet.

The blistering heat of the opening 'Homage to John Coltrane' diffuses and changes form throughout the 9 tracks. More feedback after my next journey through the chaosmoss of a fine avant garden. Bliss.

Recorded November 7th, 2009 at the local 269, NYC.
engineered and mixed by Robert O'Haire

produced by Alex Obert.

John Sinclair with Hollow Bones

led by 
Alex Obert on bass, 
Elliott Levin on saxophone, 
Ras Moshe on saxophone, 
Anders Nilsson on guitar and 
Michael Wimberly on drums.

1. Spiritual 5:53

2. Consequences 3:12

3. Blues To You 8:16

4. Humphf 2:22

5. Monk In Orbit 2:35

6. Friday The 13th 4:48

7. Rhythm-A-Ning 9:27

8. Ruby, My Dear 8:19

9. Nutty
Genre: Jazz: Free Jazz
Release Date: 2011


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