Monday, July 18, 2011

Detroit LIVE magazine

DETROIT LIFE RADIO is a project initiated by Holice P. Wood of Detroit Life, a production and grass-roots marketing company that shares space with the Trans-Love Energies Compassion Club at 1486 Gratiot in the Eastern Market district of the D. Detroit Life produces a line of branded shirts and other wearables, produces and promotes concerts like the annual 4:20 Music & Art Fair and the Service Street Fair in the fall, and generally promotes the idea of creative and productive life in the Motor City.

One night as Holice and I were medicating and talking over various ideas as we often do and he shared his concept of a Detroit Life Radio station on the internet as part of the DETROIT LIFE website ( As I happen to be a pioneer of internet radio with the John Sinclair Radio Show since November 2004 and Radio Free Amsterdam, founded January 1, 2005, Holice was talking to the right guy, and I made a commitment to help him establish Detroit Life Radio by contributing a 60-minute radio program from Radio Free Amsterdam each day for the foreseeable future.

That was in the fall of 2010, and I posted episode 500 earlier this month, right around the time we approached with the idea of broadcasting our daily programs on their burgeoning internet radio station based in the Russell Industrial Center in Detroit. Now DETROIT LIFE RADIO is beaming out via every night at midnight Eastern Daylight Time.

DETROIT LIFE RADIO is produced by John Sinclair for the John Sinclair Foundation and Radio Free Amsterdam. Executive Producer: Holice P. Wood for Detroit Life.

DETROIT LIFE RADIO program schedule includes
• weekly episodes of the John Sinclair Radio Show, now in its 7th year, emanating from coffee shops, cafes, record shops, outdoor venues and various dens of iniquity throughout the western world every Monday;
• the Saturday night music program known as Sinclair On The Air, formerly heard on Salto Wereld FM in Amsterdam;
• the modern jazz show called Jazz from the Hempshopper with John Sinclair, based at the Hempshopper on the Singel canal in Amsterdam and broadcast on Fridays;
• archival episodes of the blues program Blue Dolphins with John Sinclair from the Dolphins coffee shop in Amsterdam;
• archival episodes of the New Orleans Music Show with John Sinclair from the 420 CafĂ© in Amsterdam;
• episodes from the Vintage Radio Vaults of Radio Free Amsterdam produced by John Sinclair, David Kunian, Josh Jackson and other associated independent producers;
and a series of specialty programs produced and hosted by affiliated independent producers like:
• Bartender’s Bop, originally broadcast by Tom Morgan at WTJU-FM in Charlottesville VA in the late 1980s and produced & hosted for broadcast on Radio Free Amsterdam by John Sinclair’
• The Blues Show with Bruce Pingree, originally broadcast on WUNH-FM, Portsmouth NH;
• Highway 61 with Scott Barretta, originally broadcast by Mississippi Public Broadcasting
• Jazz Roots and the New Orleans Music Show with Tom Morgan, originally broadcast on WWOZ-FM, New Orleans;
• The Kitchen Sink Show with David Kunian, originally broadcast on WWOZ-FM, New Orleans;
• Live from the Red Rooster Lounge with Cary Wolfson, originally broadcast on the Red Rooster Radio Syndicate


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