Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Fly wanna' testify too

I just started a testament (I wanna Testify!) to RFA, and the foundation. I will write a follow up that includes detail about some of our adventures (please edit as you see fit) love, steve.

I arrived in Amsterdam March 20th 2007 and met John Sinclair a month or so later at my current place of employment (Cafe' 420). Since then I have been lucky to spend a large part of the last four years alongside John as friend, room-mate and band member (drums), sharing hemp-loads of priceless experiences in Holland and the United Kingdom.

John's Radio shows have been a consistent axis around which all of his collaborators and co-conspirators revolve, each show including interviews, exclusive John Sinclair recordings and a cornucopia of Blues, Jazz and Rock n' Roll to make your feets' twitter.

The community building activity of hosting a radio show cannot be overstated. I have witnessed the process bring people from all walks and talks together in an international congregation of friendly sharing, quickly made available for EVERYONE to listen to shortly after the fact, via Internet, and at NO CHARGE.

I therefore would like to pay tribute to John Sinclair and his team of volunteers for creating such an exemplary system of cultural feedback. In no particular order, thanks to the John Sinclair Foundation, Hank, Joeri, Sydney, Larry, Hempshopper, Dolphins Cafe', 420 cafe', Sensi Empire, Detroit Life Radio, Dylan and Headpress, Beatnik Press, Celia Sinclair and all the kindred warriors whom have donated their time, knowledge and resources from right across the planet to help this shit grow strong.


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