Thursday, October 18, 2012

DJ Harry Duncan and John Sinclair at Amoeba Records San Francisco.

LP Roots_&_Rhythm
Special Guest DJ
John Sinclair
     Sat. Oct. 27th
       2 - 5 pm


Featured on Sat., 10/27 from 2-5 pm will be the award-winning Roots & Rhythm music mix of deep soul, funk, jazz, blues, roots reggae, ska, Latin, African and more as heard on In The Soul Kitchen, DJ Harry Duncan's weekly radio show on KUSF In Exile. Plus special guest John Sinclair as well as ticket, vinyl and cd giveaways.
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To sample some of what you'll hear on Sat. 10/27, 
listen to past  In The Soul Kitchen shows at:
John Sinclair has been a pioneer in fusing music and political action since the 1960s when he managed the MC5, the politically charged and highly influential rock band, in Detroit. It was also during this time in Detroit and Ann Arbor that he co-founded the White Panther and Rainbow Peoples' Parties. In the late '60s, his activities made him a target of repressive forces, including a ten-year prison sentence for possession of two marijuana joints. Progressive musicians and political activists helped secure his release from prison through their participation in The John Sinclair Freedom Rally, which included appearances by John and Yoko Lennon, Stevie Wonder, Phil Ochs, Archie Shepp, and many more. John Lennon and Yoko Ono's appearance at the rally and their song "John Sinclair " helped to generate publicity about John's plight.

Now based in Amsterdam, Sinclair continues to fuse art and activism, recording numerous albums and giving live performances around the globe of his poetry with the accompaniment of various notable blues, jazz, and rock musicians. He continues to host his own radio show, available worldwide on the, and writes regularly on his blog Fattening Blogs For Snakes. John Sinclair brings a lifelong love and deep knowledge of jazz, blues, R&B, and numerous other genres to the Roots & Rhythm Series on the Amoeba stage.
Harry Duncan


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