Monday, December 17, 2012

Conspiracy Theory by John Sinclair - liner notes by Fly

Conspiracy Theory leaked into this world when John and I were sipping on some good tea, and i came to realize we could produce and publish a digital  album with a relatively small cash payment to cover the digital publishing costs, so we struck up a deal there and then at the sensi palace, back in July 2012. 

Co-conspiring to bring new music and information into the public sphere like an audio coup d'etat, aimed at over throwing the outer heads of the Illuminati who infest the music industry, as any Bircher, Knight of Malta or Bonesman would say.  We had been disscussing a vinyl pressing project of some rare Sinclair sizzlers for some years, and this selection of tasty tunes displays some of those covert musical operations, that one day, we hope will be pressed up. 

The mind altering scope and geographical extent of the music gyrating upon this album illustrates how far John has travelled, and is travelling, extruding a treasure trail of classified recordings made with hundreds of fine musicians, playing the music in thousands of unique forms, millions of notes, billions of vibrations. Conspiracy Theory, the album, inverts the paranoia equation and provides a musical antitdote (telenoia) to large scale conspiratorial activity. MUSIC IS A WEAPON! And amplifies its power through sharing and diverse open expression. 

Music and poetry glued together in a special way, and in a rich selection of diverse musical environments. Having lived through the JFK, MLK and the Dr King assassinations, the Vietnam war, operation cointlepro, the bay of pigs thing, Reaganomics, 2 Gulf wars, 911 and the war on terror; John Sinclair and his phalanx of writing, activism, spoken words and music conspire here, right where you are sitting now, to communicate an alternative world of arts that inspire one to rethink history, and rethink a strategy for cultural evolution. 

 An album of music and multimedia is one such strategy for change, a prospiracy that flips the concept of a centralized global government and private covert organization on its head, instead, we have an individual with his decentralized global strategy, publishing in plain sight. A prospiracy to share powerful and diverse musical vibrations. A conjunction of entities, vibrational beings, sonic movements, auspicious meetings, breathing together, unified in song, blended melody, secret keys, forgotten melody, operation counterpoint, musicians in orbit, a crossroads of artists in sync, conspiring with music.  

 The following cuts might be considered some of the lost tapes from John Sinclair, tunes that escaped the public ear like operation paperclip, now sitting together, awaiting your ears, brains and meat puppets to activate the dormant wordsound powers. 

--Steve "fly agaric 23" Pratt. Amsterdam Centraal. Wednesday 14th.

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