Monday, December 17, 2012

John Sinclair, David Amram, and Friends at "This Is Beat!" (Youtube)

Published on 19 Oct 2012
"This Is Beat!": Improvisational Music Extravaganza ... Featured artists include Kerouac's friend David Amram, bop jazz singer Mark Murphy, and rock poet John Sinclair. Dom Polski Social Club, 10 Coburn St." in Lowell, Massachusetts during the October 2012 "The Jack Kerouac Literary Festival" presented by UMass, Lowell and Lowell Celebrates Kerouac! ... Playing and performing upstairs at the Dom Polski Social Club were John Sinclair on vocals, David Amram on keyboard, flutes, percussion, and vocals, Andy Kaknes on conga drums, Savannah Marshall on drums, Neil Murphy on bass, and Stephen Fournier on Sax, and Mark Murphy on vocals. Cliff Whalen was Master of Ceremonies, and Lenny McLaughlin "the Sound Man" manned the mixing desk sound board quite excellently! ... Friday, October 12th, 2012 ... All Poetry Copyright (C) John Sinclair (All Rights Reserved) ... Performance Copyright (C) 2012 Jon Sinclair, David Amram, Andy Kaknes, Savannah Marshall, Neil Murphy, Stephen Fournier, Mark Murphy, and Cliff Whalen (All Rights Reserved) ... All Videos Copyright (C) 2012 George Nicholas Koumantzelis / Aeolian Film Works (All Rights Reserved) ... All Photos Copyright (C) 2012 George Koumantzelis / Aeolian Photographic Works (All Rights Reserved).

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