Tuesday, January 1, 2013

A 2013 New Years Message from JOHN SINCLAIR

Hi everybody,

Highest New Year's greetings from Amsterdam. I'll be heading to New Orleans on January 16 for the next five months until mid-June to work with the New Orleans Institute for the Imagination, opening March 4, 2013. RFA executive producer Sidney Daniels and I have been working on the Radio Free Amsterdam website during the past month and you might want to check it it.

The RFA program archives are almost up-to-date and all the programs aired on Radio Free Amsterdam by myself, Steve The Fly, Leslie Keros, Bruce Pingree, Scott Barretta, Harry Duncan, Caleb Selah, the Red Rooster, and Kim Heron are posted under the program names in complete numerical order. I'm still working on the RFA Tom Morgan archive but the Bartender's Bop and most of his New Orleans Music Show have been completed. This is somehting I've wanted since I started this site 8 years ago and now it's in place. Also bios of the contributing host/producers and program descriptions for all shows aired are now active on the home page. And our Live Stream ("Listen Now") is finally set up so you can tune in to RFA and hear hour after hour of our programming without interruption.

Yeah you right!

Love, John



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  1. Happy high and healthy new year to you and all!

    Boston Joe


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