Sunday, November 17, 2013

Just A Little While To Stay Here: John Sinclair Radio Show 521

John Sinclair landed 'bop' in Amsterdam,
to face news that he only has
4 days left
on his tourist visa inside the E.U zone
so a new plan was put together.

48 hours with John Sinclair in
friday afternoon, november 8th
i meet John in Hempshopper
Sid on phone with Dutch
ministry exploring possibility John
can stay in Holland, where he wants
to stay, just a little
while longer

after some deliberation on the issue
John and i head out
for lunch
wonton soup and China tea,
John now feeling twenty times
better fed
after long journey from Detroit

soon seated in cafe 420, expresso in hand and
reefer, John passes along 'Satori in Paris'
and 'Pic', two novels by Jack Kerouac.
meanwhile i look up traffic control:
a UK company that deal with visa
and passport
concerns for artists

John and i leave the cafe
in a bike-taxi-quad
over to the
sensi seed palace in the red light
seedy indeedy
the viper viped'
i left to greet a friend visiting from

I spent the night out,
and a rare late night chin wag
with my
mucka from home
and Caleb

saturday i awoke and my mate Scot
had gone
i quickly left for a meeting with Sid and John
at the Palace,
John got ticket to leave by rail to the UK
the following day,

I head off to work at the cafe,
busy shift and John sits and writes,
and makes another radio show
for Radio Free Amsterdam,
Number 521: featuring Caleb Selah
of the 'Fuck You SOund', and music by
John himself, and the Rebirth Brass Band.

John stays chillin' for my shift
8 hours, writing, talking, reading
the International Herald Tribune
smashing the crossword puzzle
to coherence

sunday morning i meet John
he turns over his weed to me
and 'The Town and the City' by Jack Kerouac
and we take another bike-taxi back to

John sits in the clear light
peacefully enjoying his coffee and joint
nobody gets hurt.

14.45, John and i leave by cart
to the station, pick up a snack
paper, off he went
to Brussels
and then to the UK.

I head back to apartment
to meet Caleb, smoke anoint
Caleb leaves for the UK
high as fuck

following monday
I discover traffic control only operate
outside of E.U zone

our last options indicate
a work visa
to be issued in such
shrt time period.

and so we break the news to John
he chuckles and takes the news well
looking on the bright side
as always.
See you at the show on the 24th!

--Steve Fly

Just A Little While To Stay Here: John Sinclair Radio Show 521

Episode 521 is emanating from my regular stand at the 420 Cafe in Amsterdam, but contrary to my plans I’ll be leaving here tomorrow to stay in London until (and after) our Cannabis Cup party at the Akhnaton November 24. I learned when I arrived in the Netherlands yesterday that I’ve overstayed my welcome in he European Zone for the current six-month period that started with my arrival for the summer on June 21, so right now I’ve got two days left of the 90 allowed and I’ll have to return in two weeks to enjoy them here. Meanwhile I’ll be holed up at in London, home of The Fuck You Sound, thanks to Caleb Selah & Co. Tonight at the 420 I’m playing music by the ReBirth Brass Band, tunes from Detroit by the Planet D Nonet, the Flying Crowbars, the  Butler Twins, and Laith Al-Saadi; music from Holland by the Misha Mengelberg/Piet Noordijk Quartet; tunes I picked up in Portland ME by  Angelica Sanchez and Melanie De Biasio; three cuts from my forthcoming Ironman album called Mohawk with Steve The Fly; and a send-off by Glen Andrews & the Lazy Six.

The John Sinclair Foundation Presents
420 Café, Amsterdam, November 9, 2013 [20-1345]

[01] Opening Music: ReBirth Brass Band: Just a Little While to Stay Here

[02] John Sinclair Intro, ID & Opening Comments

[03] Planet D Nonet: Island in the Sun

[04] Flying Crowbars: Shake Me

[05] Butler Twins: The Butler Jump

[06] Laith Al-Saadi: What It Means

[07] John Sinclair Comments

[08] Misha Mengelberg/Piet Noordijk Quartet: Sugar ‘n Spice

[09] Angelica Sanchez: 514

[10] Melanie De Biasio: The Flow

[11] John Sinclair Comments

[12] John Sinclair: Bloomdido

[13] John Sinclair: Mohawk

[14] John Sinclair: Carolina Moon

[15] John Sinclair Closing Comments & Outro

[16] Closing Music: Glen Andrews & the Lazy Six Over In The GloryLand


Hosted by John Sinclair for Radio Free Amsterdam

Produced, recorded, edited & assembled by John Sinclair

Executive Producer: Sidney Daniels

Sponsored by Hempshopper & Ceres Seeds, Amsterdam

Special thanks to Sidney Daniels, Steve The Fly, Caleb Selah, and Sensi Seeds

© 2013 The John Sinclair Foundation



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