Tuesday, November 19, 2013

#SafeHome graffiti illusion in Leeds by CHU

CHU executed a stunning
anamorphic projection inside
Leeds train station.

Once again CHU
leaves the envelope behind
and innovates a unique
visual experience,
hand crafted with
aerosol paint.

The LINK features a 360
degree panorama
photograph of the work
and more descriptions from
CHU himself.
Yes mate.

--Steve the fly

"There are a lot of people calling this technique ’3D’, which I suppose in a simplistic way it is. I prefer to call it ‘anamorphic projection’. Whichever name you call it, there’s a fair bit of forethought and planning involved, most of it is down to maths. Once this is nailed, its like painting the insides of another dimension, new planes of origin -the X, Y and Z.--CHU


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