Sunday, June 19, 2016

World's first hand drawn 360 video by Chu - featuring John Sinclair.

John kindly narrated the pilot '360 video' episode from the T4QS. Drawn, animated and constructed by CHU. The video also contains some teaser images animated from the excellent album "Mohawk".

--------------------"Turn Your Sh*t Down(teaser trailer)First release fromThe F*ck You Sound-----------------
Microcity is an imaginary place, conjured up into this reality by Chu's pioneering analogue to digital handcrafting techniques. It is an empty place, a desolate and experimental pitstop on the way back home from disillusionment.
The city is based on the layout for a board game and evolved into four defined quarters: residential, industrial, natural and financial.
Microcity is the only location for future video broadcasts from The Fuck You Sound, populated solely by the cosmic guardians of each district.
This pilot episode introduces you to our solar system, and puts you at the centre of an alternative universe."

360° trailer for "Turn Your Sh*t Down" by T4QS


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