Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Women Who Dare

"Women who Dare"
Oct. 5 through Oct 15, 2017

Leni Sinclair -- Detroit Rock 

Louise Schmid & Sophia Lerta -- Art Residency Conversation

Penny Arcade -- Performace

Mila Jansen -- reading from unpublished manuscript

Michka -- Medical Cannabis in Greek and new writing

“Women who dared in Western World during the 70s”

Curator: Sofia Lerta
Opening: Friday 6.10, 17:00
Leni Sinclair (Photographer)
Detroit Rock, 1964-1975. Total access, back stage pass.
From East Germany to Detroit, photographer and activist, we travel us through her photography on rock music trails from 1964 to 1975.
Louise Schimid and Sophia Lerta (Painters)
From Glasgow to Athens: A Home Debate.


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