Tuesday, December 1, 2009


Hi, and wlecome. My names steve fly agaric, and I'll be posting and linking to a variety of mixed media incorporating the work of John Sinclair and using this blogspot to help organize and index the growing amount of material I have regarding JOHN. And also keep you updated with news and reviews of related information.

I chose the name fattening blogs for snakes as a pun on the title of one of John Sinclair's books' 'Fattening Frogs For Snakes' which in turn, is a tune by Harmonica legend Sonny Boy Williamson, which I believe relates to an old African proverb. The meaning of which I think transfers to my own experiences with blogging so far - making links and feedback and posts and poems for cyber-snakes that slither of into cyberville without leaving a comment. (although not comparable with the struggle of the African American experience in America that led to that term taking on a hightened meaning for 'Blues' recording artists. The story of corporate global music industry crooks slithering off with the music and copyrighted genius of an entire generation without so much of a footnote, in most cases, to the folks that innovated the music in that gritty, street 'realism'.

Thankfully John's book - Fattenning Frogs For Snakes' puts the history of blues and of rock and roll music in it's proper place - set in historical situationist verse, annotated sayings and song lyrics from the masters of their particular craft.

It's this particular influence and innovation of John's, that of precisely putting folkloric songs and multinational music culture and encyclopedic history to verse, that I pledge will drive this blog into a more lively - hypertext - interactive state. Thanks for all the great work John, my friend, and I hope this small contribution to helping forward your perfomance art, writing, poetry, and vision of an enriched multicultural -sharing - humanity.

African-American proverbs in context By Anand Prahlad

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