Tuesday, December 1, 2009


Back in Spring 2008 I made a much longer piece about John for the MQ (Maybelogic Quarterly) magazine, but I chose to shrink the article after careful reconsideration. Since Spring 2008 we have all seen the insurance companies and banks - fattening the housing market for loan snakes'. - Steve Fly.

Fattening flies for frogs for snakes

By Fly Agaric 23

"this is what they mean
when they talk about the blues,
this is what the blues is all about:
"fattening frogs for snakes"
& watching the mother fucking snakes
slither off with the very thing you have made--John
, Fattening Frogs for Snakes"

"Olson also shares Pound's thesis that economic and
verbal corruption are linked. Throughout the Maximus
Poems he is at pains to demonstrate that the decline
of Gloucester is a function of its finacial dependence
upon outsiders, upon men whose sole concern is private
gain rather than the harbor's general welfare.

in the present shame of
the wondership stolen by
ownership. --Charles Olsen, Letter 3":9.

The Tale of the Tribe--Michael Bernstein."
(Fly, looking around his room for his copy of "The
Tale of the Tribe
," to find the page-number of this
quote, but amidst all the damn drums, turntables,
wires, books and weed, I can't seem to find the TTOTT.

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