Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Cannabis Talk: Amsterdam.

Cannabis Talk

Cannabis Talk

The John Sinclair Foundation & Self-Hemployed present:


LIVE: Every Saturday from 11:00pm CET*

Radio Free Amsterdam 99.4 FM | April 3, 2010 | To listen on demand, click the ’play now’ button below.

Radio Free Amsterdam Live On Saturday

Radio Free Amsterdam Live On Saturday

Cannabis Talk is the new cannabis-cultural & pot-political talk show that will be broadcasting and streaming every Saturday from 11pm cet*, LIVE, on Radio Free Amsterdam.

Cannabis Talk brings you the news and insights from the world of recreational & medical marijuana and industrial hemp.

With weekly new studio guests, we’ll be taking a deeper look into the cannabis plant and the global industry and culture it has created. Tune in for your weekly dose of Cannabis Talk; 4:20 entertainment, economics, politics, history, reviews, festivals, products, activism, news, and gossip!

This episode (pilot):

DJ, the vaporizer expert from the Hash, Marihuana & Hemp Museum in Amsterdam, talks about vaporizing and his memorable experiences with museum guests.

We talk with Rebecca from the Vancouver Seed Bank about Amsterdam, the situation with cannabis in Vancouver and how legalizing marijuana in California can benefit Canada.

Hank, guide with Coffeeshop Tours, tells a bit more about weed in Amsterdam and how coffeeshops came about.
With music from Snoop Dogg, John Sinclair, Cypress Hill, Cheech & Chong and Superdude.


01) Opening comments
02) John Sinclair; Walkin‘ On A Tight Rope
03) Snoop Dogg; My Medicine
04) Superdude; African Herbsman
04) Cannabis Talk; Interview with the Vaporizer man *
05) John Sinclair; If You’s A Viper
06) Cannabis Talk; Interview with Rebecca from Vancouver Seed Bank
07) Cheech & Chong; Up In Smoke
08) Cypress Hill; Hits From The Bong
09) Cannabis Talk; Interview Hank from Coffeeshop Tours Amsterdam;
10) Cannabis Talk; Discussion with studio guests
11) John Sinclair; Send In The Vipers
12) Closing comments

* NOTE: Due to some technical difficulties during the first minutes of the interview with DJ, you can hear the guest but not the interviewer. This problem is solved after a few minutes. (And yes, we’re Dutch, so please forgive any mispronunciations; “we or doeing hour best”.

Radio Free Amsterdam & Self-Hemployed
Hosted by Joeri & Sidney
Broadcasted and streamed live from the Salto Studios in Amsterdam, April 3, 2010
Executive Producers: Joeri Pfeiffer & Sidney Daniels (Self-Hemployed)
Special thanks to Rebecca (Vancouver Seed Bank), DJ (Hash Museum), Hank (Coffeeshop Tours) , John Sinclair and Hempshopper Amsterdam
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Cannabis Talk LIVE: Every Saturday from 11:00pm CET*
To listen on demand, click ‘Play Now’.

* 11:00pm CET (23:00) =
10:00pm GMT | 5:00pm EST | 4:00pm CST | 3:00pm MST | 2:00pm PST | 8:30pm CDT (Sun.) | 9:00am EDT (Sun.)

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