Saturday, May 28, 2011

Ann Arbor in the 60s (a Kickstarter Project)

About this project

A number of documentaries have been made about these passionate political activists and they have preached to the choir.  In 2011, it is time to reach those in the rest of the church and even those hanging around in the parking lot.  In order to do so, we have put together a proposal for a half-hour sit-com.  This television series is framed to appeal to a much larger audience while also retaining the heart, passion and unique reality of this group of men and women and the dedication with which they fought and still fight for a world in which everyone lives in peace and freedom.

NOTE:  The video above was edited from footage taken at the memorial service for David Sinclair, brother of noted musician, poet and revolutionary, John Sinclair.  The title from the video came from the headline for David's obituary "Ex-Activist Dies."  The activist in us never retires.


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