Thursday, October 13, 2011

John Lennon's Birthday (Int. Business Times)

"John Lennon would have turned 71 on his birthday today, Oct. 9. Best known as one of the founders of The Beatles, he is recognized as one of the greatest musicians and songwriters of the 20th century."


"In 1969, John Sinclair, a poet and head of the militantly anti-racist White Panther Party, was arrested for marijuana possession and sentenced to ten years in prison. Lennon and Ono helped stage a protest and benefit concert for Sinclair, including speakers Allen Ginsberg and Abbie Hoffman and musicians Stevie Wonder and Phil Ochs. The day before the "John Sinclair Freedom Rally," Sinclair's sentence was drastically reduced. Three days after it, the Michigan State Supreme Court ruled that the state's marijuana statutes were unconstitutional, and he was released on bail...



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