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January 1, 2012
Hi Everybody,

Happy New Year! The fireworks are exploding outside my window here in Amsterdam and I’m putting the finishing touches on the relaunch of the Radio Free Amsterdam website today.

Radio Free Amsterdam was founded on January 1, 2005 and is beginning its 8th year of operation as a project of The John Sinclair Foundation. We specialize in music and recordings from the African American cultural tradition.

You may now subscribe to the daily podcasts from Radio FreeAmsterdam via the RSS feature on our website. There is no cost for any of our programming but you are encouraged to donate to The John Sinclair Foundation, a Dutch non-profit cultural organization based at Singel 10-saus, 1013GA Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Due to severe technical problems, since late February 2011 our internet radio programming has been carried by Detroit Life Radio at the Trans-Love Energies Compassion Center in Detroit and broadcast nightly by while our site was inoperable. The broadcasts will also continue nightly in 2012.

Now our daily programming will be coming directly from Radio Free Amsterdam, with a series of one-hour radio programs by John Sinclair, Tom Morgan, David Kunian, Harry Duncan, Bruce Pingree, Cary Wolfson, Scott Barretta, and other independent producers who contribute their programs to the Radio Free Amsterdam archive.

In addition to our daily postings, we have added a series of John Sinclair Radio Shows from the past year that have not yet aired on RadioFree Amsterdam and a new series from the Vintage Radio Vaults produced by David Kunian at WWOZ in New Orleans.


01/01              RFA-12001             John Sinclair Radio Show 419
01/02              RFA-12002             John Sinclair Radio Show 420
                       RFA-12003             John Sinclair Radio Show 371
01/03              RFA-12004             New Orleans Music Show with Tom Morgan 18
01/04              RFA-12005             In The Soul Kitchen with Harry D 01
01/05              RFA-12006             Highway 61 with Scott Barretta 32
01/06              RFA-12007             Jazz from the Hempshopper 42
01/07              RFA-12008               Bartender’s Bop 01 with John Sinclair & Tom Morgan
                       RFA-12009             Vintage Radio Vaults 70: Jim Carroll, Part 1
01/08              RFA-12010             Sinclair On The Air 126
01/09              RFA-12011             John Sinclair Radio Show 421
                       RFA-12012             John Sinclair Radio Show 372
01/10              RFA-12013             New Orleans Music Show with Tom Morgan 19
01/11              RFA-12014             In The Soul Kitchen with Harry D 02
01/12              RFA-12015             Highway 61 with Scott Barretta 33
01/13              RFA-12016             Jazz from the Hempshopper 43
01/14              RFA-12017             Bartender’s Bop 02
                       RFA-12018             Vintage Radio Vaults 71: Jim Carroll, Part 2
01/15              RFA-12019             Sinclair On The Air 127
01/16              RFA-12020             John Sinclair Radio Show 422
                       RFA-12021             John Sinclair Radio Show 373
01/17              RFA-12022             New Orleans Music Show with Tom Morgan 20
01/18              RFA-12023             In The Soul Kitchen with Harry D 03
01/19              RFA-12024             Highway 61 with Scott Barretta 34
01/20              RFA-12025             Jazz from the Hempshopper 44
01/21              RFA-12026             Bartender’s Bop 03
                        RFA-12027            Vintage Radio Vaults 72: James Black/Poetry, Part 1
01/22               RFA-12028             Sinclair On The Air 128
01/23               RFA-12029             John Sinclair Radio Show 423
                        RFA-12030             John Sinclair Radio Show 374
01/24               RFA-12031             New Orleans Music Show with Tom Morgan 21
01/25               RFA-12032             In The Soul Kitchen with Harry D 04
01/26               RFA-12033             Highway 61 with Scott Barretta 35
01/27               RFA-12034             Jazz from the Hempshopper 45
01/28               RFA-12035             Bartender’s Bop 04
                        RFA-12036             Vintage Radio Vaults 73: James Black/Poetry, Part 2
01/29               RFA-12037             Sinclair On The Air 129
01/30               RFA-12038             John Sinclair Radio Show 424
                        RFA-12039             John Sinclair Radio Show 375
01/31               RFA-12040             New Orleans Music Show with Tom Morgan 22
Music coming up for the week of January 1-7, 2012 includes selections by (in order of appearance):
Steve Fly & Vicente Pino
John Sinclair with Ed Moss & the Society Jazz Orchestra
Country Joe & The Fish
Tony Seymour & Eric Sermon
Muddy Waters, Johnny Winter & James Cotton
Jack Kerouac with Al Cohn & Zoot Sims
Allen Toussaint
101 Runners
Thelonious Monk
Jack Kerouac & Steve Allen
Charlie Parker
Big Chief Alfred Doucette
Big Chief Peppy/Troy Andrews
Dr. Marshmellow Cubicle
Houston Person
John Sinclair & Planet D Nonet
Samirah Evans
David Kimbrough & John Sinclair
Howard Glazer & the EL 34s
Jon Thomas
Dr. John and Donald Harrison Jr
James Booker
John Sinclair & His Blues Scholars
Bobby Lounge
Treme Brass Band
James Brown
Bobby Marchan & The Clowns
Marva Whitney
Lyn Collins
Rudy Ray Moore
Bobby Byrd
Frank Frost
Jelly Roll Kings
Big Jack Johnson
Robert Bilbo Walker
Paul Wine Jones
Planet D Nonet
Brothers Groove
Radio I-Ching
Elvin Jones
John Sinclair & Beatnik Youth
Clarence “Gatemouth” Brown
Roscoe Gordon
Amos Milburn
Wynonie Harris
Big Maybelle
Louis Jordan
Roy Brown
T-Bone Walker
Julia Lee
Jim Carroll Band
Jerry Lee Lewis
Ani DeFranco
Bessie Smith
Ohio Players
Lou Reed
The Stooges
Curtis Mayfield
Velvet Underground
Albert King
Honeyboy Edwards
Homesick James
Etta James

Thanks for listening, and highest wishes for the New Year from Radio Free Amsterdam.

With love,
John Sinclair
Program Director & General Manager

 © 2012 The John Sinclair Foundation

© 2012 The John Sinclair Foundation


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