Monday, November 16, 2015

'Growing Up In America' with John Sinclair, Timothy Leary, Allen Ginsburg and Abbie Hoffman (1988)

"What happened to the hippies, the yippies, the Black Panthers, the counter- culture kids who rocked the nation's boat in the 1960's? Are they still fighting their fight, have they been co-opted into the culture they fought to overthrow, or were they destroyed by the culture while they struggled? Morley Markson shows us archival footage of some of the leaders - Jerry Rubin, Abbie Hoffman, Fred Hampton, John Sinclair, among others - as well as people like poet Allen Ginsburg and lawyer William Kunstler, who represented the Chicago 8 during that seminal trial in 1969 - and then interviews them watching the old footage, to find an answer those questions."

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