Monday, May 9, 2016

George Clinton lays it all down (Interview with Detroit Metro Times)

George Clinton lays it all down. 

Uncle Jam still wants you By Shelley Salant

MT: Do you have any memories of favorite places to hang out in Detroit in the '60s and '70s? 
Clinton: Oh, all over the place, from the Grande Ballroom, the 20 Grand, all the way over to Eastland. When we first started with Parliament, at 876 Woodward, we used to play every weekend at the union hall. All the clubs, we played. Then over in Windsor, we'd play all the time, you know, CKLW. 
MT: Did you play with the MC5 or the Stooges? 
Clinton: Oh, we played with them all the time. They were called the "bad boys of Ann Arbor." John Sinclair, we used to play out in the park to get him out of jail for the week. 
MT: Did you feel like those bands influenced the Funkadelic direction? 
Clinton: We came out as a doo-wop group, a singing group. We saw that Detroit had its own version of rock 'n' roll coming out. They influenced us a lot. We was changing from Parliament to Funkadelic, and it would've been Iggy Pop (who) had a lot to do with that. That craziness. I saw how far you could go and still entertain people. We had the same management agency, Diversified Management. All of us had the same agent: Amboy Dukes, Ted Nugent, MC5, Silver Bullet with Bob Seger, all of us.


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